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Containing Costs

The district is constantly looking for new ways to contain its operating costs without negatively affecting academic programs. Here you will find examples of how the district works to contain costs on a regular basis.


Savings from 2009-12

• Reduced 19.7 FTE staff positions over the last 3 years

• Implemented a shared Transportation Supervisor with Schoharie

• Reduced transportation mileage by 119,000 miles

• Reduced 7 bus runs over the last 2 years

• Reduced overall bus fleet by 2 in 2011-12 with more reductions planned for next year

• Auctioned 5 retired buses receiving over double their trade-in value

• Hired new bond counsel as of 2011 and independent auditor as of 2010

• Use a health insurance administrator through the New York State Municipal Benefit Coalition

• Requested consideration to enter a health insurance trust and new prescription drug plan

• Requested a new insurance price quote for property and buses

• Requested participation in a consolidation study to find opportunities to share services with other neighboring districts


Ongoing cost-saving measures:

• Share purchase of electricity through NY School & Municipal Energy Consortium

• Purchase used textbooks/price other vendors

• Member of the Workers Compensation Trust with Schoharie Area Schools Trust

• Use state contracts for heating oil, transportation fuel and propane

•Maintenance department has saved more than $110,000 in fuel costs and reduced fuel consumption by nearly half district-wide thanks to a variety of cost-saving measures implemented since 2002

•Participation in NYSERDA's Energy Smart Schools Program, which helps the district keep tabs on energy consumption

•Participation in shared salt storage, computer and monitor disposal, and roll-off services for waste disposal with the town of Berne

•Purchase of cooperative services through Capital Region BOCES such as auditing and risk management

•Recycling program in partnership with Green Fiber that pays the district for loads of recyclable materials collected

•Late bus services have been eliminated on Wednesdays due to poor attendance, which has reduced bus mileage and fuel consumption

Transportation Department purchased a tire machine to eliminate the need to travel to a mechanic and pay for services

•Maintenance staff has been certified to fix air conditioners, eliminating the need to hire outside professionals

•Parts are bought in bulk at a reduced rate

Implementation of an energy performance contract that would guarantee the district savings in the millions of dollars over the course of 15 years with updates to lighting, heating and other utilities.

•Four retiring teachers were not replaced for the 2009-10 school year, saving more than $400,000 in salary and benefit costs. This minimally impacted class sizes.