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Farm to School Program

...ensuring fresh, locally-grown produce is always on our menus

At BKW, our educators believe that exposure to healthy eating options, coupled with classroom discussion of nutrition, can teach students to make informed choices about the foods they eat in and out of school.

That is why fresh food items from local farms often take center stage in BKW breakfast and lunch lines. The BKW Food Service Program routinely participates in the New York State Farm to You Fest, a program upheld locally by the Schoharie County Farm to School Project to celebrate healthy food choices and support local agriculture.

BKW Food Service Manager Deb Rosko, who works closely with Schoharie County Farm to School, says students can look forward to fresh foods from local farms such as apples and potatoes, along with fresh basil, garlic, broccoli and other creatively prepared menu items aimed at delivering vital nutrition to students.

Teachers will also discuss nutrition and healthy food choices in their classrooms.

“We want to educate our students about healthy food choices and also give them some insight into the nutritional benefits of those choices, as well as how easily accessible these foods are in their local community,” Rosko says. “While we cannot force students to make that healthy food choice, we can indeed offer them not only the food but the benefits the food brings to their own bodies as well as the local farm community.”

To learn more about the Schoharie County Farm to School Project, find them on Facebook.

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