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Information for parents of Elementary School students

Get moving! Physical education in and out of school

Physical education has taken its place alongside more traditional elementary school academics like reading, writing and math—and with good reason. Research shows that physically active children have a greater chance of being healthy for life. They are also more likely to do well in school.

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Putting an End to Bullying: It Starts in the Elementary Years

Getting picked on used to be considered an unpleasant but largely unavoidable rite of passage for some children. Today, educators and counselors know that victims of bullying often carry the emotional scars well into their adult lives.

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Childhood Obesity: Helping Your Child Stay Fit and Healthy During the Elementary Years

The nation's obesity epidemic has become big news. As if the statistics on adult obesity aren't alarming enough-current research shows that 65 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese-increasing numbers of children at younger and younger ages also have weight problems.

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Key Questions to Ask in the Parent-Teacher Conference

The parent-teacher conference is a great way to find out what your child will be learning about this year -- and what you can do at home to support that learning. Encouraging at-home reading time and enforcing good homework habits are two critical areas that teachers often suggest.

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