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Information for parents of Middle School students

Becoming a Proactive Middle School Parent

As children move from elementary to middle school they begin to crave more independence. At the same time, parents often wonder how much freedom to allow children to have and how to stay involved with school without invading their children's turf. The good news is there are many ways for parents to stay informed and involved without "smothering" your children's growing need for independence.

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Practical Tips for Success in Middle School

The middle school years are a notoriously tumultuous time for parents and kids alike. Children begin to mature rapidly, test their limits with authority and put an extremely high priority on their social circle and the opinions of friends. In the midst of all this change, parents can have a hard time convincing their kids that school is still "job one."

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Tweens and the Arts - For Learning and for Joy

Considering the busy pace most middle schoolers keep, the idea of squeezing a few more activities into their days might seem downright impossible. Yet, making time to fit in activities like music, visual and creative art, dance and movement can benefit your children in ways you might never have imagined.

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